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One assignment category where our services are often requested is the special event, or foran event that is scheduled periodically. We may be asked to provide aerial images of the event while it is taking place, or to provide images that will assist in up-front planning of the event. Many of these types of events can require a good deal of space. Some take place over long distances, the marathon being but one example. One or more areal images, both vertical and oblique, can often be a significant time-saver in laying out a course. An aerial image is often useful in helping to determine how to manage large crowds, especially in open outdoor venues where optimum entrance and egress routes sometimes need to be planned out ahead of time.


Multiple Event Venues in the Immediate Area

In and around Fairfax County there are a number of prominent event venues and more than a few tourist destinations. These would include the cities of Arlington and Alexandria, including old town Alexandria. Tysons Corner is a busy place as well, and there are a number of locations in DC such as the Capital Beltway, Capitol Hill, and the Mall where we have provided our services. Loudoun County is perhaps not as well known by name as is Fairfax County, but it is nevertheless a busy area; an area we know well and an area where we have provided our services to a number of clients.


Up-front Planning is Often a Necessity

Photographing an event from the air usually takes a certain amount of up-front planning. For one thing, we cannot necessarily fly over the DC area to provide images for one of our clients at a time of our choosing. We have the 30-mile radius aircraft restricted zone to contend with. Scheduled flights (airlines) are allowed to pass through this zone, but private companies such as ours must be granted access. This is almost always given, but access is not always at a time of our choosing.

If the President should travel south and down into Northern Virginia, the 30-mile radius protective zone travels with him. The original zone stays behind to protect the Vice President and other high-ranking officials.

We can’t fly over JFK Stadium either without permission, especially when it is packed with people. Again, permission can usually be granted to those who have a legitimate reason to be there. That is one reason why you occasionally see the Goodyear blimp hovering above a major sporting event although there are no other aircraft to be seen in the immediate vicinity.

No matter what your needs are, a certain amount of up-front planning is usually advisable and is at times a necessity. Should you wish to take advantage of our services to provide aerial photos or videos of an event, or to support planning for the event, talk with us first. We can tell you what all might be involved as well as what your options will be. Our objective is always to provide our clients with images of the highest quality, commensurate with their needs.


We service all of Northern Virginia and Beyond

Our services covering events and event planning are not limited to Fairfax County and the DC area of course. Our clients come from a number of different locations in all of Northern Virginia and beyond, and we know the area as well as anyone.