Virginia Aerial Photography Service for Real Estate Agents

In recent years, videos have been shown on the Internet to give prospective buyers a virtual walk-through of a home that has been listed and is of potential interest. These prospective buyers are taken thorough the home, whether it is a newly constructed home, or a newer home that is spotlessly clean and tastefully decorated. A room-by room tour is given, with highlights being particularly emphasized.

For Smaller Homes

Exterior views are generally photos rather than videos unless the home happens to be a part of a large estate. Aerial views first to show the surrounding area, then zoom in to show the layout of the neighborhood, and finally to zoom into the house itself. This can be and often serves as a dramatic introduction.

We will gladly provide our services to any real estate agent who feels those services will help sales, and taking aerial shots or videos of a single dwelling need not involve a great deal of expense. There is however a definite market for aerial views of larger, up-scale homes, and we are actively involved in that marketing sector.

For Large Estates

The earlier example of photographing a home in a crowded neighborhood may seem a bit out of the ordinary, but such videos do exist, and some real estate agents make extensive use of them. Where this type of videography really shines however is when the exterior of the home is large and impressive, and the surrounding grounds have something to offer as well.

In such cases, overhead images can be used to show the general layout of the house in questions with respect to its surroundings. Low-level oblique images, especially those taken when circling the house show the structure from a variety of perspectives, some of which can be quite dramatic. Altitude restrictions, especially in urban areas will often necessitate that oblique images be taken from some distance away, a distance that is quite often 1,000 feet or more. Obtaining quality images under such conditions requires not only high-quality and sometimes highly-specialized photographic apparatus, but it requires a skilled operator and a skilled pilot well. Then there is the matter of weather and lighting. High noon is not always the best time to take videographs or photographs, nor is midnight for that matter. Mid-morning or late afternoon shooting times are often the best.

We are more than familiar with the requirements that go into taking aerial videographs and photos to support real estate marketing and home sales as this is one area in which, when things are done correctly, the return on investment can be very great indeed.

Are Drones Next?

This is an area where drones have made an entrance, to the delight of some and to the dismay of many. Drones may have their place in aerial photography and the real estate sector may seem like a natural, but their use is either greatly discouraged or outright banned in most urban areas. In spite of the advanced camera technology a drone could carry, the drones themselves tend to be much less stable than is the case with a fixed-wing aircraft or a helicopter. Someday, drones may become an aerial videography fixture, but the day has not yet arrived and it is apt to be some time before their use is legalized and becomes widespread. In the meantime, we will circle your property from a respectful distance and tale photos and videos that will truly amaze prospective buyers.