Videography Projects in the Washington D.C. Area

In the Washington D.C. area, there is a restricted zone in which unauthorized aircraft are not allowed to enter. It is not difficult however to obtain permission to enter this zone when there is a legitimate reason for doing so, one reason being taking aerial photographs and videos for approved commercial purposes. This restricted zone is one thing that sets the D.C. area apart from other locations, although in most heavily urbanized areas there are usually restrictions or regulations of one kind or another pertaining to the type of work we do. 

Despite the restrictions that are in place, the D.C. area has to be one of the most photographed locations in the country, both from land and in the air. Aerial photographs are not only helpful, but at times are absolutely necessary for construction site work status and for periodically monitoring the progress of major construction projects, including roads, structures, and much more. These photos and videos are often key elements needed to not only ensure progress is being made, but to verify a project has been successfully completed   in full compliance with the requirements.

Work Quickly, Work Efficiently

It is particularly important when shooting aerial photos in a restricted area that the work be done quickly and efficiently and that an approved flight plan is strictly adhered to. When called upon by a client to perform such an assignment, we plan all of the tasks to be performed in great detail. Not only must a flight plan be formulated and approved, but the time of day during which the aerial photographs are to be taken must be negotiated to ensure optimal lighting conditions exist.

Many times, only one pass over the target site will be allowed. Our staff is highly experienced when dealing with such restrictions or limitations, and you can be assured that the necessary images will not only be acquired, but will be of the highest-quality, and definitely suitable for their intended purposes.

Always Much to Be Done

While a significant amount of this type of photography is performed by an agency of the Federal Government, most of the commercial work to be done is still performed by private contractors like us. There have been instances however in which work that might normally be performed by a federal agency is contracted out to us. The majority of our clients however are private businesses or individuals.

The Washington D.C. area, which adjoins Northern Virginia and is in close proximity to cities such as Fairfax and Arlington, is a busy place. Our clients come from many walks of life but a significant number of them are involved in commercial or residential real estate sales, land development, legal issues, or are playing a role in construction or other major development activities. In addition, the D.C. area is a place where there are always a number of events going on which require our services for advertising and marketing purposes.

As well planned as the layout of Washington D.C. has been, there is an unending need for services such as those we provide. Much of the work we do for our clients can only be done properly with top-of-the-line equipment manned by skilled, experienced personnel. Above all, our staff is quite comfortable and more than capable working in an environment where the work to be accomplished on any given day is seldom similar to the work that will need to be done the next day.

For areas outside of Washington, D.C. our parent company Global Drone Video provides commercial drone services to all 50 US States and major global cities.
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